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Stories matter.

Joan Didion said, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live." I search for storytelling tools and techniques that help us live in community.


I am an Associate Professor of Journalism and Professional Writing at The College of New Jersey, teaching courses in Writing for Interactive Multimedia, Press History, Race, Gender and the News, and a number of special topics. (There are more details on my teaching here.)

I engage in the scholarship of teaching, often in collaboration with colleagues in related fields, developing and testing models for bringing computational thinking and community-engaged learning into journalism and professional writing classes. You can learn more on my research page.

I am also a writer and reflective practitioner with a background in magazine journalism, corporate public relations, and blogging. My Writing page has more details. I occasionally blog on this site- you can explore that through the tag cloud, below.

Inclusive journalism matters.

Inspired by the example of such writers as Maya Angelou, and committed to the mandate to make news coverage, "comprehesive and proportional," I approach the study and practice of journalism by asking, "what perspectives are not being heard?" This question informs inquiries into how technology affects both the narratives we create -- and those we heed. And that leads to the realization that democracy requires both the participation of a diverse, computationally-fluent citizenry and media institutions that are invested in meeting and responding to citizens' information needs. The presentations below reflect some of that work.

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